What Do We Do For A Living

As it is half term and we have our little darlings to entertain, we thought it would be fun to include them in a post.

TOPIC – What do we do for a living? So we asked the Directors son and partner and the Office Manger’s son what do you think your Mum/partner does for a living?

Director’s Son – ‘Earn toot’ as a business

Director’s Partner – Stay up working all night keep me in the custom I’m used to.

Office Manager’s son – Well I think you help people manage their money and help people to get along like the clients you see each week.  There is lots to do on the computer and lots of other confusing stuff!

Office Manager’s partner – Business Organiser (that was it!)

So what are we doing during a day?  What sort of work are we doing for clients.

Director’s Day

6:30 alarm & check emails and calendar for the day

7:00 shower & dress

7:30 wake kids & feed the zoo

8:00 leave for school runs

9:00 arrive at office

Work solid on clients and business and networking until 3pm

3pm school runs

4pm start work again and network until 5pm

5:30 5k cycle

5-6 sort tea, washing, cleaning, feed my zoo

6pm bath & load dishwasher & do lunches

7pm – do more networking and reply to emails and do any training

9pm – hour to relax

10pm Bed

Office Manager’s Day:

Starting at 9am Children now delivered to school and college, I look quickly through emails to see if there is anything urgent that I need to respond to. I then respond to any urgents. I will then check in with reception to see if they have anything, they need help with before I set out about my first client of the days work.

9:30 1st clients work begins 🤗. 

  • Pay some bills online for them, login to their bank account with them and pay the bills.
  • Check their bank account to make sure that rents from the properties have arrived in the bank from the Agent
  • Enter the amounts received onto a rent spreadsheet, to monitor what is coming in and going out against each property
  • Chase the Agent for the properties for information outstanding
  • Check the electricity bills/gas bills for the client
  • Enter the meter readings online for the client
  • Renew TV License
  • Google information on buying a coin
  • Look up heating systems
  • Create a Key List
  • Report to clients family what has been done

11:30 start work on the second client  🤗 (also answer phone for reception as no receptionist today 😞)

  • Chase up driving license that is in for renewal (spend 45 mins on the phone to them)
  • Pay parking fine
  • Order shopping and have it delivered
  • Write an email to relative living abroad
  • Book a course for the client
  • Organise new car insurance and send documentation to them

14:30 start bookkeeping work for 3rd Client 🤗

  • Enter bookkeeping into a spreadsheet for the Accountant (2hours)

15:00    Collect youngest child from school in my hour lunch break

16:30 create content for social media🤗🤗🤗

  • End the day creating social media content

17:15 start my second job as a wife and mother: – cook tea etc, etc, etc.

At the end of the day this is what we do it all for.  To be happy and live the best life we can ✨✨✨

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