How Do We Help The Planet


We hear this almost every day/week and have been hearing it all of our lives. So, what are you doing to help the planet?

Here at Admin No.1 the first thing we do is save on paper and printing wherever we can. We work from the cloud. How do you find this? Do you always still reach for that piece of paper? Do you do that because you need the paper or is it just a habit formed over a long time?

As an employer, we employee people of all ages. We know that our older employees initially struggle with not using paper. They do come around to the idea of not needing paper, but it is a habit that has formed over many years of being told to keep notes. Notes to anyone over 50 means pen and paper.  This is not something derogatory to the older employee but a fact, this is how they were trained/programmed (same with Tesco carrier bags 🤣).  Youngsters now have not been trained with books and paper, but with the internet and the cloud and this is where you will see a difference in your staff. How do you manage this? We would love to hear how you get around this without causing anyone any upset and still feeling valued.

Even when we employed a cleaner, we asked that they use environmentally friendly products, so we were shocked to see bleach in our toilets! When questioning the cleaner, we asked why she was using bleach, her answer was – because it’s the only thing that kills germs and gets everything clean! This then brought about a whole education on using environmentally friendly products. What are your thoughts on going green? Why would you not consider it to save the planet? This is a great blog to take a look at:

We have a future generation to consider in every choice we make today. It is our duty to make sure we make wise choices for the future. We should be wise about what we pour into their heads.   

What choices are you making and why? Do comment we love a good debate.

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