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We are proficient, meticulous and above all professional and friendly! 
We offer services that makes you feel like we fit into your team. Customer Service is our priority.
"I recommend Claire & her team. She's been a pleasure to work with down the years. Her passion for delivering excellent customer service is second to none."
Paul Wilson
Insane Tech Limited


We use various software to count the time we allocate to jobs. There’s no hidden figure, there’s no hiding what we do. We are an open book on what we do for you.


We have over 80 years’ combined experience between us, there is nothing we have not seen, nothing we have not done and nothing we can not accomplish for you as a team


You are the most important part, you are part of our working family and we hope to be part of yours. We want to be there for you when you need us.


We are first and foremost professionals. We will always treat you, your business and your custom with respect.


We will discuss with you how we get the best service to you, utilising efficiency making us cost effective for your business.

And More

There is not anything we will not do to support you and your business. If it is not listed here on our website, just ask us!


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What We Do

We Help UK Businesses In 3 Core Areas

Our office base HQ is complete with Media Studio. Located in Hythe, Southampton on the high street we are lucky to be part of the beautiful New Forest. Home to our Director Claire, she has a wealth of local knowledge and strongly believes in the community where the offices are based.


Administration, inbox management, project management, secretarial, personal assistant, and more.

Digital Marketing

Content creation, social media mangement, strategies, blog writing, website design, podcasting and more.


Branding assessments, a complete review of your philosophy, product, service, pricing, audience, competitors.

"Highly recommend, always on point with incredible response times and simple logical explanations for a simple man like myself. Wouldn’t go anywhere else."
Jay Harrop
You Bend We Fix Ltd
"I recommend Claire & her team. She's been a pleasure to work with down the years. Her passion for delivering excellent customer service is second to none."
Paul Wilson
Insane Tech Limited
"Literally couldn’t have asked for a better service. So on the ball with everything. As well as friendly professional service. Definitely recommend Claire and Admin No. 1."
Claire Carter
Chances Gives Choices

Our Owner & Director

Claire Donnelly

Director | 20 Years Experience | Passion To Get The Job Done
Claire has chosen everyone in our professional team. In fact, every new client is likely to speak to Claire as she likes to know who is working with the business and more because she wants to support her clients. You are a priority. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns. Each team member has been hand picked for expertise, knowledge, customer service and dedication to provide you with the best service possible.

I Am Claire, Founder, Director, Normal Working Mum Of Admin No. 1 Ltd.

My dream for as long as I’ve been old enough to work has been to be my own boss, a “Director”.  I feel like Admin No.1 is my dream and I still pinch myself every day that it is real.  Always grateful and always humble. 

I have always had drive, and I have always had vision. As I grew older (and some may say wiser), I always worked hard, 

I married and had two amazing boys. For a while nothing else but being a mum mattered. Roll on about 8 years… I sadly went through a divorce and I lost the life I knew. I was lost. I had to start life all over again… but then I realised I could start and do anything I wanted, a new chapter and a blank page. 

I used that time to assess my life and realised I had to find the courage to stop what I was doing, change the pattern to get a better life for myself and the two boys I had responsibility for (it was daunting). I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, other than survive! I had been bumbling through the days waiting for a small pay packet and I had to evaluate where I was and what I was doing. I soon realised nothing would change until I did. I quickly learnt that until we change something – life remains the same.

This wasn’t just an overnight realisation, the change came by spending my time building some strong friendships, great working relationships and networking. These good people drilled into me that I should go for my dream, work for myself. They instilled confidence into me that I could do it, I would do it and I would be great at it! That support gave me so much self-worth in myself. Without their support, this wouldn’t have all started – so gratitude to my friends and those who have supported me along the way.

So, now you know a little about me.

If you are now asking yourself why would you work with me and my Admin No. 1 team..  Well, I have worked in small offices, corporate offices, nice offices, unpleasant offices… I’ve worked at the bottom and I’ve been up at the top! My point is, having been in these various environments, I’ve realised that you work to the standard you expect to receive in return, no matter what the job. It is you who makes a job what it is.  By you, I mean us.  We make the job a priority.  I want to offer a better service, a friendlier service and an all-round better standard… 

To me you count. As my client YOU matter, and we will find a way to get the service that fits you and your business’s needs.

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