Administration, Personal Assistant & Phone Answering

Let us be your full outsourced admin team for both you and your business, freeing up your time and saving you money.

Administration Help In Your Business

I could bore you with all the Admin things we can do – but i’ve got a load of little ‘boxes’ below that can give you all that information. We can onboard you within 48 hours, the whole idea of using us is that we don’t create more Admin for you – we save you from it. We are a cloud based human admin team. We cover the whole of the UK because we are remote. If you’re local to Hampshire, Southampton, Totton, Romsey, Marchwood, Hythe, Fawley, Holbury, The Waterside, Lymington – we are a mere maximum half an hour drive for you, so by all means pop in and chat with us. We work UK hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Virtual reception desk with switchboard whisper system. Virtual secretaries & personal assistants.

Our approach

Admin. Assistant. Phone.

We offer Administration, Personal Assistant, and Phone Answering services. We are one less bum on a seat in your office which reduces your overheads – massively!


Let us be your admin team. We cover all kinds of admin tasks, freeing you up time and saving you money. You and your business are our priority.

Personal Assistant

Need a PA or Executive PA for help with everything from personal to business? Let Claire & her team take good care of you. Book a consultation, today!

Phone Answering

Need a team of assistants to answer all of your calls? Outsource that to use to free up time and money for your company and staff.

Find The Best Plan For You

All prices exclude VAT at 20%. We’re happy to build a custom plan around you, for no extra charge. Just ask.

Blue Diamond


£ 920
  • 40 Exec. PA Hours
  • 40 hours per month with a Dedicated Executive PA
  • £23 p/h
  • £23 per hour



£ 750
  • 30 Exec. PA Hours
  • 30 hours per month with a Dedicated Executive PA
  • £25 p/h
  • £25 per hour



£ 540
  • 20 PA Hours
  • 20 hours per month with a PA
  • £27 p/h
  • £27 per hour



£ 300
  • 10 PA Hours
  • 10 hours per month with a PA
  • £30 p/h
  • £30 per hour
“Best Admin Co in Hampshire - Claire is very helpful and the service is always efficient, knowledged and balanced.”
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Amanda Mann
Managing Director

What Do We Offer?

We are one less bum on a seat in your office which reduces your overheads – massively! You pay the hours you use – actual work completed No holiday pay, no sick pay and no any other pay actually. No Human Resources costs or policies. No contracts – just 30 days notice and pooof we are ‘dismissed’. You can use our resources, our team to do the work saving you the costs and time spent on employment or the overheads of a bigger office.

If you’re here for someone who can literally take the work with minimal communication, maximum efficiency and you want to support the UK economy that is why you would use us. In a nutshell it is your choice, but my team are fab and we throw in a great sense of humour and fully support your business and it’s needs.
Letter / Report Typing

Handwrite it, voice note it, we type it and send it.

Email Dictation

Never write an email again. Give us your voice noted email and we can send on your behalf.

Presentation Work

You can handwrite, or draft it any way you like as long as it's legible and we will package it.

Excel Work

We can design, create and maintenance excel sheets for you.

Data Entry

Do your spreadsheets need updating? If so, let us have the details to do it for you.

Data Management

It's a job that takes time and thought, but makes you no money. Hand it to us.

Diary Management

Never organise yourself again! Never miss a meeting. We will organise your diary and provide your agenda.

Inbox Management

We can send replies on your behalf and manage your inbox - leaving you free for the business needs.

Event Co-Ordination

Whether it is a large external event or a Christmas party we can plan, organise and take the stress.

Accommodation Booking

This service is offered for business and leisure. We will even find and plan your family holiday. We can help.


We can send using your in-house print and we can send via software such as Xero - be paid without having to raise an invoice again.

Credit Control

Chasing money stops you making money - so why not hand this list to us and we will chase down those payments for you.

Comprehensive PA Support

There is no limit to support here - we pretty much become your right hand.

Diary & Email Management

We offer complete support and answer clients on your behalf and schedule your work/life.

Scheduling Meetings

Not only do we handle your diary, we manage everything that goes into it.

Organising Correspondence

If you have a meeting we will have this organised for you. All your correspondence on hand where you need when you need it.

Liaise With Clients Directly

We are here for your clients - you will never miss a call or an appointment and your clients will always be answered.

Manage Your Expenses

Never dread your accountant again because we will manage, prepare and send your expenses on your behalf.

Event Planning & Co-Ordination Service

We seamlessly plan and execute your events, leaving you to show up and enjoy yourself and speak to those important clients.

Training Planning & Co-Ordination

We plan, prepare and arrange everything from the list of attendees to the set up of the room and the necessary catering.

Event, Training & Personal Travel Logistics

Be it a business function, a training academy or a party, Admin No. 1 have got it in hand for you.

Professional & Personal Errands

Need a new laptop? New mobile contract or does your wife need a birthday present? We cover it.

Personal Phone Answering

Having a part time Executive PA means you get your phones answered as part of the service - giving that real employee feel.

And More

There is simply so much we can do for you. If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry, please book a consultation.

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