Tis the Season…. To think about taking a break!

How well are you prepared for Christmas?  Lots of people i’ve been talking to in business and personally feel this year has crept up and they’ve had very little spirit to get into the festive season.

I don’t think i’ve heard one Christmas song, I’ve not been invited to one Christmas party and I haven’t even done my food shop at M&S which is unheard of.  Like everyone else, i’m feeling the pinch, i’m feeling the tiredness and i’m feeling the overwhelm.

Not only to I have a home to organise a party for, I’ve the office staff, and my clients to think of too – and none of us have really spoken about the C word!

What I do know, is that after my son’s 13th this weekend I am full on CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.  We have a whole page dedicated to how we can help you and our PA’s are ready to assist in sorting your Christmas gifts, food shop and even if you’re local we will wrap your presents and write your cards.

Don’t miss out on lots of free tips out there on how to have a great Christmas without the peer pressure of spending!

Be organised.

Be in the know.

Be festive.

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