Modern Working – There Are No Rules To Times

When do we really work?  Have you actually sat and listed what you are doing and the times you are doing it?

This last week I’ve realised that the 9-5 seems to have gone.  Not because people don’t ‘work’ those hours – but as business owners doing the behind-the-scenes stuff it isn’t done during that time frame any more.  We are not working a 9-5 structure.  With people oftenw working more than 1 job at a time they’re not working 9-5 anymore either – in fact, working more than 9-5 over two jobs doesn’t even cover a good cost of living in the UK today, (but that is a blog for another day).

Last week I had covid, and I’m fortunate I have set up a business that’s Hybrid working.  Something yes many did once we had covid – but how many can truly function exactly as they did before doing the same?  Phones aren’t answered as often, wait times are longer, appointment wait times are longer and the customer services just isn’t there.  Those deliverables all happened in a 9-5.  I am waiting for one company who promises to email back in 5 business days – 21 days later to reply to a simple email!  The big companies aren’t delivering in this Modern Working time.  They’re scrimping back on offices, they have less people with bums on seats and it is effecting customer service.  So how are we working and available more hours and delivering less in some places?

As a business owner who prioritises being present in the ‘old’ work hours for my clients and my team, Modern Working, means I am spending my evenings chasing products and companies that haven’t delivered things and I spend my early mornings checking emails from clients who are doing all their ‘work’ before anyone else is awake – this isn’t a 9-5 working world.  I can’t run my home, have my 2 kids, deal with 2 schools, pets, a business, a team, clients – all 9-5 but because some companies aren’t getting it right – it is making life harder not easier!

I know people still want to believe we are being normal and we have our 9-5 but we don’t.  I don’t know anyone in business now that operates only those hours.  I have people interact at 2am!  Yes really….

More often than not, we are now communicating with clients, reading emails, responding to social media, writing content, videoing content, listening and learning in hours way before 9 and way after 5pm.  We are interacting 24/7 – but businesses cannot operate that way.

Instead, we have to get clever with what we are doing and when we are doing it.  We need people to schedule better and have better systems in place.  Efficiency doesn’t mean more people, or more offices – it means being CLEVER with your time.

Time clever people are still working less and producing more and that’s where Admin No.1 can come in.

If you’re finding you’re not coping and your deliverables aren’t happening and your business is suffering – get in touch with us!  We can help you with the operational side of things so you’re not leaving people waiting and you can be Hybrid working efficiently, effectively and at the top of your game – without having to work 24/7.

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