The Working Mums Juggling Motherhood and Full Time Wage

When becoming a mother, straightaway you are expected to receive part-time work and low pay. When looking at the lives of previous generations, growing up around the traditions of our parents and grandparents, we are conditioned into thinking that our partners wage is the main, reliable source of income. But what about now, when both wages are needed to comfortably live? Why should women be expected to throw away their career aspirations and goals once they have children?

Juggling motherhood and receiving a full-time wage is a major challenge. Mothers are required to go the extra mile, with their super early wakeups and late nights continuously balancing their childcare duties and personal careers often going unnoticed. The sheer dedication and hustle of mothers who are trying to establish a sustainable income and become less financially dependent on their partner, leaving them with reduced time for relaxation and recreation, is massively underrated. The planning, cleaning, emotional stress, chef duties and chauffeur demands (the list goes on) and full-time work requirements must be credited, and this dedication of mothers must be recognised as massively impressive. 

However, with the mix between full time work and the demands of parenthood becoming the new norm, the community of mothers on social media are becoming stronger than ever by uniting over their career drive and ambition, supporting each other and championing their successes during difficult times. For once, the growth of prosperous female profiles on LinkedIn is bigger than it ever has been. It is clear that more mothers are heading into leadership positions, building businesses for themselves and creating a secure future for their families. However, this comes with a struggle, but and the inspirational community of women on LinkedIn prove that these super early wakeups and tiresome days are worth it! Advancing career and financial needs as a parent may come with difficulty, but the success of these mothers on social media is truly inspiring.

Here at Admin No.1 we recognise the heavy stress on mothers who are building their careers. We see your struggle, and we really appreciate everything that you do! Admin No.1 is agency that can support mothers by getting your jobs done, allowing you to focus on all of your childcare requirements whilst expanding on your career success. We want to take some of this weight off of your shoulders and make it easier to juggle your responsibilities, all while allowing you to achieve the success that you envision and follow the career that YOU want! You will never have to deal with numerous companies again – we will have all of your needs sorted. So sit back and relax, take time for yourself and we will alleviate your stress.

Being a full time working mother requires balance, dedication and commitment. But it is motivating and exciting, proving the strength that mothers have to balance daily family responsibilities whilst chasing their dreams and passions, and we want to make this balancing and organisation a whole lot easier for you!

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