All things spooky, spicy, and nice and so we are told a time we should ‘remember’ the dead and departed

Halloween is important for many, it’s a retailers delight and certainly we spend some cash on outfits, parties, pumpkins and celebrations!  It is a sign to me that winter is fast approaching, and Autumn is in full swing.

The winds get colder, the trees get more bare, the rain falls and warm jumpers and boot arrive from the wardrobe.  As much as I love the autumn, it is a sign to me that another year has almost passed by, so many memories, twists, and turns…. I love to celebrate with my family and this year is the first year my boys have been too old for some of the old things we would do!  So instead, I’ve looked up new ways to enjoy the half term holiday fun.

The History of Halloween is that Halloween is thought to have roots in Christian beliefs and practice.  The English word “Halloween” comes from ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ – being the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows’ Day (All Saints Day) on 01stNovember and ‘All Souls’ Day’ on 2nd November.  I have long not thought about the reason behind the holiday…. But get caught up in the childish fun!

This weekend my children will be too old they tell me for dressing up – we are however hoping to decorate the house (okay I am).  It has long been something I’ve done to enjoy time with my boys, we decorate the house and make cookies and treats….. but the older they get the less they’re into the ‘fun’ and more into the ghoulish side!  They want to watch ‘scary’ movies and have popcorn and hear horror stories!

Whatever you’re doing for Halloween I wanted to wish everyone a lovely time, spend that time wisely as before you knw it, that little pumpkin won’t be a little pumpkin, and that little witch with her teddy cat will be heading out to a party…

Happy Halloween to one and all.

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