How To Make Your Employees Feel Valued

It’s Monday, how are you feeling about getting out of bed ready to start work for the day?  Do you feel great here we go another week ahead or do you feel meeeh 😖.  I know that during my working life I have felt both. 

There was a time that I loved the job I did but then management changed, and the new boss just did not like me at all.  Everything I did was wrong, when I asked for help it wasn’t forthcoming, when I asked for training it was declined, and eventually it ended with me being brought into the Directors office and told that I was making multiple mistakes.  When I asked what he couldn’t tell me.  I pointed out that I had only three months before had a really good appraisal!  He as good as told me my boss wanted me out and to watch my back.  This went on for over three months until I could take it no more and I left.  I felt down, no good at my job and it left me doubting everything about myself.   This actually left me full of self-doubt for a very, very long time.  In fact, to this day, I get anxiety when doing a new task but have to self-manage this.  Why would someone do this to another person I have always asked myself.   I actually bumped into another ex-employee of this company a year after I left, and they told me that they had been asked to report to the Director when I made any mistake whatsoever.  Nice hey! This ex-employee then went on to tell me how she had been bullied out of her position in a similar way.   I still find it hard to talk about this time and reading it back on paper in just a short summing up makes me feel the anxiety of that time.  BULLY IS NOT OK

But as one door closed another opened and I went on to work for the nicest lady boss ever.  She encouraged me to think for myself and to believe in what I had to offer and valued my experience.  She gave me training and encouraged me to step up to new challenges and this was so unfamiliar to me.  I couldn’t believe that someone could be so nice and believe in me the way she did.  I loved working for her until she had to close her company.

I think it is so important to value people.  We all mess up at work from time to time and have to be told if we do, but it is how we are told that is important. 

  • Employees should be offered training in their areas of weakness so that they can improve and therefore benefit the company.  Not be left with no offer of training so that they continue to make mistakes
  • Employees need to be given thoughtfulness; they need to feel cared about on a personal level.  Let them tell you if they are having a hard time and offer support where needed
  • Give good clear communication and to have been set clear expectations from the onset.
  • To feel involved and to feel their opinions matter 
  • A good Boss will reward good performance.

If you see a colleague struggling lend a hand, don’t become protective over your work and not share how to do things.  Listen to younger employees they too have so much to offer.  I have learnt and continue to learn so much from younger employees.  They know all the technology and are happy to show you how it works.

If you are getting up today or any day really, and feeling the Meeh factor then it is time to take decisive action and quit that job.  Life is short and you are simply in the wrong place with the wrong people.  Write that resignation letter before you give up on YOU.

I hope by writing this blog it makes the bosses consider how you manage and employees to not settle for being bullied.  Have a wonderful day because I know I will.

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