Who feels the pull? The working parent’s life & a Mother of Boys!

Husbands morning

Ding the alarm goes off, husband gets up showers, breakfasts and goes to work – working day begins

Mother’s morning

Ding – the alarm goes off and it is time to get myself out of bed 6:30 and having been awake twice in the night due to a teenager gaming and wondering why at 1am I’ve finally had enough and turned the internet off, I don’t want to spring out of bed and I’m not feeling totally refresh for the day ahead.

6:40 and I am making sure that my second son is up for his weekly paper round and out of the door by 7am so that all the local OAPS have their papers in their laps on time.  Dealing with a grumpy teen when I have called him for the fourth time is something that my child seems to think I get pleasure out of!  Anyone else relate to this?

6:45 feed the dogs who are running around and around my ankles like they have never been fed before and I delude myself into thinking they love me more than the food

6:50 quickly flick the kettle on so that I get a coffee before heading up the stairs to wake my man child for college.  Get an angry reply when I call for a second time – I heard you for goodness sake.  I head down to the kitchen to have a sip of the coffee I have made a few minutes earlier.

6:55 no movement from above so start to head back upstairs and find man child has gone back to sleep despite telling me he was fully awake a mere 5 minutes since.  Another grumpy reply with for goodness sake and a lot of moaning.  Finally. I am sure he is awake and wake the third and youngest son.  Who happily says good morning then realises it is a school day and instantly wants to go back to sleep!  A little gently coaxing and he reluctantly comes down the stairs.

7:05 and the second son is back in and starts to annoy the youngest and teases him until they are shouting at each other and calling each other brats, I step in to try to calm the situation and get told by the middle son that the youngest always gets away with being nasty.  Oh my deep sigh before continuing to make the youngest child a drink.  Middle child moodily making his toast and getting a milkshake

7:15 and I head to the bathroom to get a wash and start to get dressed.  No sooner am I in there than I hear the boys shouting at the puppy who appears to be taking great pleasure in destroying my husbands favourite slippers.  Oh joy have to explain that one away later.  Come down out of the bathroom to sort the puppy and head back upstairs to find that the oldest is now in the bathroom with the door firmly closed!  I need another bathroom HELP

7:30 and half washed and now getting dressed as running out of time.  Quickly decide on what to wear for the day and middle child is calling out for his PE Kit, where is it?  No idea I have washed it and given it to the said child to put away.  Reluctantly put to one side my make up and go to find the PE Kit.  Kit found and start to put on my make up for the day.  Downstairs I can hear the youngest and eldest disagreeing and I hurry to finish getting ready.

7:45 back on the ground floor and all three boys in sight and they all stop arguing and grumpily eat their breakfasts and check their phones whilst laughing to themselves about something their friends have said.  A few minutes peace before the middle son heads for the door and is running late for the school bus!  Busy telling him to hurry up and put his shoes on and this chore seems to take a million minutes to my mind.

8:10 getting youngest to brush his hair and teeth and he is having a meld down on my and saying he hates his life and it isn’t fair (I am sighing here at length). 

8:20 calling eldest man child to hurry up and get his stuff together for college and to pack his lunch. 

8:25 another call to both boys to hurry as we are leaving in 5 minutes.  Both are dragging their heels.

8:30 I am heading to the car and both are still on the stairs moaning about one thing and another. Eventually they are in the car and the school run begins.

8:35 youngest dropped to school

8:50 man child delivered to college

8:55 I feel a little sanity is entering my zone.   In 5 minutes, I start work for the day

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