Christmas Time In A Recession What Does It Mean To You?

This year is going to be a hard year for so many people.  There will be people under enourmous pressure to give their children their normal Christmas Presents and to keep the magic of Christmas alive, but should we do this is?  Is it right to give children the false hope of boundless presents whilst their parents go bust all for the sake of one day?  Listen to what Martin Lewis has to say on this subject.

Once you have listened to him do you not agree to what he has to say!  It make so much sense.

The economy is entering a two-year crisis point and how will this effect small businesses?

As economic growth stalls, consumers and competitors will become wary when it comes to spending.  This means your business might find it more difficult to generate its normal sales and you will need to cut your costs accordingly.

As a business owner you should be looking at signs that we are entering a recession and looking for ways to prepare for an economic downturn.

Whilst making your purchases try to keep in mind the smaller businesses whose family you will be helping to keep food on the table and presents around the tree.  They might be a little more expensive (due to the small business overheads) but surely a gift of quality is worth receiving isn’t it?

I think the thing to remember is that no one knows what another life is like.  We all think we know by looking at people, but we don’t know what their personal circumstances are like, how could we. 

The person driving the lovely range rover on the school run might be going home to cry not knowing how they will pay next months loan agreement!  The person always dressed so beautifully might not be able to make the next credit card payment!  The person who always smiles and greets you so nicely might just have been made redundant.  Never assume in business or in your personal life that all is well and will forever remain that way.  Take accountability for your life and your business.  Don’t remain in silence.  Reach out and deal with the situation and you will find people there willing to help.

If you are struggling, then here are a few places you might like to look to for help: –

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