Anxiety / Depression Disorder

How many of us have been suffering since the Covid Pandemic.  Here are the general symptoms of Anxiety Disorder from the NHS Mental Health Site.

  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Strong, fast irregular heartbeat
  • Muscle aches and tension
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach-ache
  • Feeling sick
  • Headache
  • Pins and needles
  • Difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep

Do you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself?  Do you feel total overwhelmed?

If you do then read on and see if any of our tips can help you before you seek help from your Dr.

Below is a link that you can try for free.  It’s called ‘Calm’. They claim that users who use the app for 5 days a week saw an improvement in their mental health.  It  will cost you £2.42 a month but you are billed £28.99 automatically after your free trial,  and you can cancel any time.

Alternatively, if you have mediated before and you know what you are doing do what I do and chose your music from your app e.g., Spotify.  I love emotional detox (meditation self-help there are loads to choose from).  I play this every night until I almost fall asleep.  It helps to relax and unwind you.

  • Diet Soda – it is reported that diet soda can make you depressed.  In fact it can make you feel more down than it sugary cousin!  To much of the caffeine that many sodas have can be bad for anxiety too
  • Toast – how can that be bad for you?   Well, you can have your toast but choose whole grain bread.  The white flour quickly turns to sugar after you eat it and causes engery spikes and crashes, that can be bad for anxiety and depression.
  • Light dressings – are loaded with sugar and will also cause the crash and burn effect that is not good for anxiety and depression.  Sugar free get their sweetness from aspartame which is linked to anxiety and depression.  Make your own dressing
  • Ketchup – four grams per tablespoon.  Also, many have the artificial sweetener linked to anxiety and depression
  • Coffee – cut caffeine out of your diet it can cause jitters and nervousness.  Not good for anxiety or depression
  • Alcohol – can mess up your sleep, not enough rest can raise anxiety and depression. That said a drink can calm your nerves and make you more sociable so stick to a drink a day for women and two a day for men, the key here is the limit
  • Processed foods, fried food, refined cereals, candy, pastries and high fat dairy products if you eat a lot of these foods you are more likely to be anxious and depressed

The list goes on but think before you eat is a clear message here

Links for help:

  1. NHS
  2. Headspace
  3. Psychology Today

I think lots of us are actually suffering from some form of anxiety or depression since the covid pandemic and we just continue on, acting as if there is nothing wrong.   We should all be looking out for ourselves and our family and colleagues, making sure we notice if people aren’t coping.  Life has become so fast paced and everyone has their head in the phones, and we forget to look up and simply care and share with the person right next to us.

I hope this little self help guide from Admin No. 1 Ltd helps you in some small way.  Stay focused on you and then you can share the love

Magic Wand

We wish we had a magic wand

To make it go away

We’d wave our sceptre over you

Until you were ok

We’d think good thoughts and send you love

We’d transmit healing vibes

Our Wands would surely beat

Whatever the doc prescribes

But there is no magic sceptre, so

We cannot cast a spell

Just know that we have you in our thoughts

And we hope you’ll soon be well.

Now share the love with someone you know who needs it!

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