Social Media – Why and Why not

We all do it – we see the sparkly, shiny, pretty, chic or cool gram account!

You want it – I get it…. A perfect grid, fancy stories, adoration, and domination in the market…. And an inbox full of enquiries.  We all want it, you’re not alone.

Most people come to us here at Admin No.1 because they’ve got a visual idea of what THEY want their social media account(s) to look like, but they don’t have the skill set to put those ideas to the pages and usually haven’t given much thought to the consumer and whether that will result in them taking notice of your account.

Before you convince yourself social media management and content creation will deliver you an abundance of new clients… ask yourself, what do YOU use each social media platform for and how do you use it and how do you interact and buy from it?  Ask your friends, do the research and be honest with what you expect, and I guarantee someone like me that does it for a living will have a slightly different angle to give you.

If you’ve posted a few times, at irregular intervals and given little value to the world that is social media… well, regardless of how pretty the posts are – there’s more science to it than that.  Social Media Management is more than a photo or a few words it’s all about giving VALUE and the audience something to gravitate to – it’s what keeps us scrolling and using it.

We provide high end graphics and captions and strategies… but… if you want to invest in social media be sure it is going to meet your expectations.

Here are our :-


  1. It’s your trophy cabinet – your showcase – your stage. It’s your best of the best images, captions, moments, achievements, and your learnings!  Every story you ever went through – that is what goes on your platform(s).
  2. To engage, to network, to show interest in your potential clients AND to keep an eye on your competitors. Think of it as a 24-hour licence to thrill without limit and it is FULL of people that need you and what you have to offer.
  3. It gives your potential clients and your entire audience validity of who you, your product and your service is.

Here is our


  1. You’re expecting to gain quick money in terms of sales and leads from it

If you’re using social media to fill your appointment book and smash out those orders overnight – for – get – it!  For most businesses, it won’t happen – soz!

It is going to take more than a pretty picture and a nice piece of text to get someone to buy from you. 

It takes time –

  • time to build a genuine connection with your audience.
  • time to build a genuine relationship with a business.
  • time to build trust on the connections and relationships you are making.

Our point here being (yes you’ve really had to read this far), is that everyone can get results from using social media.  Better or more valuable results if you have the professionals like us guiding you (it can feel overwhelming) and it’s easy to get distracted, or not get results and give up!

But, this …..

This is the result of a client who came to us with an existing page, some beautiful photos but no idea how to get the best results… they weren’t posting regularly, they weren’t using their photos, hashtags or doing anything…. But look what 2 months did working with us!

InstagramThis Month:Previous month:Difference:
Accounts reached390222901612
Content interaction41212103911

The above figures show accounts reached increased by 170%

The above figures show account interaction increased by a whopping 1,962%

It can be done.

Admin No.1 can do it for you.

All you need to do is be honest about whether social media and social media management meets your expectations

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